Maryland’s Best Italian Cold Cut Sub

On March 30, 2009 by Jaquan

OK, so I’ve been on a hunt based on a request by a friend. They love Italian Cold Cut Subs and said “hey you should do a blog on this and see what you can come up with.” Over the last month or so myself and the lady have gone out to see which has the best. We sought the help of the Internet, word of mouth, and even places we’ve been to and found a few places to go. Here are the places that we went to ourselves.This is what we’ve come up with….

From Best to Worst
1. Pastores (Towson, Maryland)
2. Pastores (Glen Burnie, Maryland)
3. Isabella’s(Lil Italy, Maryland)
4. Di Pasquale’s (Highlandtown, Maryland)
5. Maria D’s (Federal Hill, Maryland)

As of now Pastore’s reigns supreme in our book……..

Funny thing is that my wife loves them and I never really cared for them. Over this past month, I have grown to like them. The escapades that we’ve had, the adventure , AND the hype of going somewhere new to find out about this sub has been great. Although we still haven’t completed this project we will still need the input of those out there who may have more exposure.

I ask the public. If you live in the Baltimore Metro area, or anywhere in Maryland speak up and let us know who YOU think has the best Cold Cut Sub. Those who live elsewhere we still need you. Put a restaurant on the map and let us know who YOU think has the best Cold Cut Sub. What makes them have THE BEST? What should those who judge, judge based off of.

This should be fun so don’t be shy……………

I tell you what. If we can get at least 5 responses by the end of April we will hold a raffle. The person who wins the raffle wins a FREE Italian Cold Cut from the place YOU deem as having the BEST ITALIAN COLD CUT SUB!!!!

Check out our upcoming blogs on what we’ve found!!! Also events for the summer soon to be posted!

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